Self Control

A person blessed with hikmah does not flare-up or get enraged at others’ incitement. He might be mistaken to be the guilty one or a weakling because of his passiveness towards the outburst. Whereas, in reality he chooses to not lose his dignity by giving in to the uncalled for ill actions.

After all, It’s only wise to take control of your actions and reactions, instead of filling one’s book of records with ill deeds because of someone’s unjustified attitude.

Learning To Trust Him

When we don’t see our plans work the way we were anticipating; we tend to lose hope and tawakkal (trust) in Allah,The Exalted. The loss of hope eventually incites rebellion. If not nipped in the bud, this defiance can fix one for eternal destruction.

Consequently, we begin to rely on our limited perception and logic and dare to elude the commands of the Most Wise, either secretly or openly, while being heedless towards the consequences of our actions. Nonetheless, the Most Forgiving leaves the doors of repentance always open.

At this point, a true believer would reason with himself and face the situation with sabr and hikmah instead of giving in to the seemingly difficult situation. Sabr accompanied with hikmah helps one act in the right manner at the right time. It helps eliminate the negativity that has clouded one’s intellect and makes even a calamity, a rewarding experience, by the will of Allah.


Those who do not respect their time do not respect their life and those who do not respect their own life will never respect yours. Associating expectations with such people means setting one’s self up for failure.
Neither be a reason for your own failure nor others. Time, for a believer is not just money, time is the door to eternal success.

How Can We Hope?

If we do not live upon la illaha Illalah..
How can we hope to die upon la illaha Illalah?

If we choose to not follow Rasool Allah in dunia..
How can we hope to follow him to jannah in the akhira?

If we prefer to forget Allah in our pleasant times..
How can we hope to be remembered by Him in our hard times?

If we make our nafs, our ilah..
How can we hope for our hearts to surrender to the True and Worthy ilah, Allah Rabb ul Izzat?

Allahummahdini feeman hadaitaa, ameen.

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If we see a photo of someone drinking alcohol will we “like” their photo and say something nice and encouraging to them? Certainly not! Why so? Because.. astaghfirullah it’s haram, people are openly disobeying Allah and we “like” it. No!

Then why is it that when we come across images/photos of a decked up (i.e adorned), whether a hijabi or non hijabi sister of ours (be it a relative or a friend etc) we “like” these images or leave a pleasant comment under them? Is this NOT haram for them to openly disobey Allah and for us to give our approval to this act by liking their actions.

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