Confined Liberation

Navigating through the darkness and light,
I embrace myself for a tedious flight,
Assorted emotions, dismay, and delight,
I hope and pray for a future so bright.

I dare to venture, to places unknown,
Cherishing my voyage, every single milestone,
Aspiring to fly where no soul has flown,
A pathway that I must tread on alone.

Liberated, yet I feel so confined,
With a brave facade, leaving fears behind,
I strive for my goal, that’s been redefined,
With a passionate heart and a peaceful mind.


Who doesn’t want a meaningful life? Any rational person would want a life with a purpose. Although the aim might differ from person to person, the drive to live a substantially beneficial life is desired by all. Whether you aspire to be surrounded by luxury or aim to reach a certain level of spirituality, the urge to attain any goal manifests in a person’s zeal and the hard work they are prepared to do to acquire it. However, any struggle is pointless without an effective goal setting.

In my personal pursuit of learning various goal-setting techniques, I have come across quite a few goal-oriented exercises. However, I found most of them to be tedious tasks. They might be ideal for people without a million responsibilities of a varied nature, but they are not suitable for me. Therefore, I settled only for those methods that I knew could work for me as an individual and alhumdullilah they do.

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Aspire. Believe. Commit

Looking at this image of a paper boat, I couldn’t help but smile. It spoke volumes to me, which its description certainly couldn’t have. Words somehow limit my imagination. I can barely explore that which is beyond what’s being said.

Although I like to write, I feel moved when looking at a painting or a sculpture more than after reading a piece of writing. It’s amazing the way our mind has been created and the power it holds, and how different people respond differently to various modes of interaction, subhanAllah. There are endless possibilities to where our imagination can take us, and how intricately complex thoughts can be simplified into beautiful cohesive visuals or words by this little part of our body called the brain.

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Celebrating Me

I was watching them from a distance. They both had warm smiles on their young faces. Soon they were served with mugs of freshly brewed coffee, its aromatic steam making swirly outlines in the air.

Under the bright moon, the couple looked content and pleased with themselves. Supposedly it was their precious time with each other but it was poignant to see them immersed in their own individual cyber worlds that existed within their cell phones. They were smiling, sometimes smirking, at the screens of their gadgets instead of savouring the valuable moments of togetherness on this beautiful night.

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A Vision

“Should every woman have a vision in life?” One of the ladies tried to initiate a discussion at a get-together. It was a good lead; she started asking each one present about their aspirations in life.

It was astonishing to witness that some well-educated and well-informed ladies were surprised by the question. Some stared in mid-air, trying to come up with an answer and few asked what it actually implied. It was not because these intelligent ladies did not know the meaning of such a simple phrase but rather they did not comprehend what it meant in the context of their own lives.

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Prevent Procrastination

I knew I had to begin my tafseer (explanation of the glorious Quran) at least a month before Ramadan started so that I could comprehend it without having to rush through it before Ramadan ended, because completing the Quran in Ramadan has many virtues and brings a sense of accomplishment and excitement, alhamdulillah.

However, this year I kept on procrastinating, delaying and thinking there was still time until Ramadan finally arrived. Instead of doing what I was supposed to do I kept fiddling with miscellaneous things that I presumed needed my immediate attention.

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