Prevent Procrastination

I knew I had to begin my tafseer (explanation of the glorious Quran) at least a month before Ramadan started so that I could comprehend it without having to rush through it before Ramadan ended, because completing the Quran in Ramadan has many virtues and brings a sense of accomplishment and excitement, alhamdulillah.

However, this year I kept on procrastinating, delaying and thinking there was still time until Ramadan finally arrived. Instead of doing what I was supposed to do I kept fiddling with miscellaneous things that I presumed needed my immediate attention.

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Message Extraordinaire

There was a magnificent art gallery, ornamented with extravagant marble flooring; beautiful paintings adorned the well-lit walls of the elaborate hall. However, the most outstanding feature of the galleria was an intricate marble sculpture, gracefully poised in the middle of the exhibit. Visitors from around the world admired this marvellous sculpture.

One night, the marble floor tile asked the sculpture, “Don’t you think it is unfair that everybody from all over the world come all the way here to admire you while ignoring and stepping on me? Both of us were born in the same cave and yet the world treats us so differently now.”

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Face Your Fears

“How do we get rid of the dark thoughts that are inside us, Mama?” “How do we remove them from our mind?” I was having a normal conversation with my daughter when she started this discussion. I was a bit surprised by her question. “I often think of frightening images and negative things and I feel so scared. I do my regular dua too but still it doesn’t go,” she said. I wondered what a child might be scared of. Could it be demon-like images that might creep up as nightmares or negative thoughts that might incite her to become a bad person? I wondered what the problem might be.

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