Today I was reminded by my teacher that taqwa is to be acquired, which in turn gives birth to hikmah (the wisdom to do the right thing at the right time and place) which helps develop the furqan (the ability to differentiate between right and wrong) and this all increases a believer in guidance. All this is a sheer blessing from Allah (subhanahu wa taa’la). Therefore, we must strive to acquire taqwa by enriching our soul.
This is what we should aim to focus on this Ramadan; instead of being focused on enriching our bodies we need to be focused on enriching our souls in sha Allah.

Please Forsake My Soul

I saw him approaching; he had come to take me,
Future seemed frightful that I could foresee,
Down on my knees I started to plea,
Cleaving my veins, it was taking a toll,
O’ angel of death, please forsake my soul.

Give me a day, or some respite,
I will mend my ways and be upright,
Darkness ahead, I could see no light,
It seemed like a deep and gloomy hole,
O’ angel of death, please forsake my soul.

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Compromise Or Adjustment

I feel…
When we mend a relationship based on compromise, in reality we are rebuilding it on a weak foundation that is prone to damage because compromise rests on negativity being suppressed within.
We surrender to accept things while allowing the traces of a grudge to remain.
A healthy marriage rests on making adjustments. This minor change of concept can bring about a major change in one’s life.
In making adjustments in a relationship one is willingly and consciously seeking to find ways to positively agree to be more accommodating.
One intentionally wants to improve oneself for the better so does not blame the other person for the change in them. Instead they feel more in control of themselves and the situation while being more appreciative of their blessings.
This overall change of their state of mind gives birth to a forgiving attitude and a better relationship, bi izn Allah.

Self Actualisation

True self actualisation and tranquillity is when Allah becomes everything for you. This is the state that prophets reached. We might not be able to acquire this state but if we aspire to it we might be able to realise the true purpose of our life which in turn would help us attain peace and tranquility, by Allah’s will.

Self Delusion

As Ramadan is approaching, those of us Muslims who are hastening to indulge in haram or makrooh acts, because Ramadan would require us to abstain from such acts, need to remember that our scrolls are never closed and our deeds are being recorded throughout the year. So let’s stop this self delusion and welcome Ramadan with true repentance.

A Vivid Sign

A sign of spiritual growth is when you learn to face your fears, admit your mistakes and accept your faults. This is the most difficult step, where you tear the wall of your comfort bubble to face the awaiting challenges.

Only those who take this first step for their Rabb, survive these growing challenges because they are certain of what’s awaiting at the other end of this path.