Confined Liberation

Navigating through the darkness and light,
I embrace myself for a tedious flight,
Assorted emotions, dismay, and delight,
I hope and pray for a future so bright.

I dare to venture, to places unknown,
Cherishing my voyage, every single milestone,
Aspiring to fly where no soul has flown,
A pathway that I must tread on alone.

Liberated, yet I feel so confined,
With a brave facade, leaving fears behind,
I strive for my goal, that’s been redefined,
With a passionate heart and a peaceful mind.

Unlock The Door

When you feel chaos within When everything outside looks blurry When the intellect is overshadowed When you feel anxious and depressed When you feel the doors are shut And you feel you’ve lost control Stop! Wait… Take a deep breath. Now gather up all your strength And look within yourself. You had shut them upon yourself But you always had the key Now move towards each door Open them up gradually And free yourself from the shackles Of your very own slavery.

Sinister Scheme

Adam’s the reason; I’ll infinitely burn,
Making sure you must take your turn,
The evil abode is where we’ll all dwell,
O son of Adam, I will take you to hell!

I’ve taken over you, from front and back,
Weak against me, firm faith you lack,
Though my trap was weak, still you fell,
O son of Adam, I will take you to hell!

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Please Forsake My Soul

I saw him approaching; he had come to take me,
Future seemed frightful that I could foresee,
Down on my knees I started to plea,
Cleaving my veins, it was taking a toll,
O’ angel of death, please forsake my soul.

Give me a day, or some respite,
I will mend my ways and be upright,
Darkness ahead, I could see no light,
It seemed like a deep and gloomy hole,
O’ angel of death, please forsake my soul.

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Ramadan Resolution

My Ramadan last year was so well planned,
Bouncy was my start, downhearted was the end.

What did I do? Where did I go wrong?
I was sure that my iman was so strong.

Following the flow of the course of events,
Tailing my nafs, grabbing what it presents.

Little did I know, a rival lived within,
Preventing me from good, provoking me to sin.

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My Lowly Aspirations

While driving my littlest one to school,
Looking out the window, I often wonder

What would one give to own a mansion?
Living in this land without tension

My thought puts me to shame and I realised
Have I ever craved for Jannah, the greatest prize?

Dreaming about this dunia so fake
Yearning to acquire it for pleasure’s sake.

Have I ever yearned for that which is free?
So treasured and rare as nothing could be.