Guidance in Disguise

Hidayah (guidance) doesn’t only repeatedly approach us from external factors, it is instilled within us as part of our system too. It’s our fitrah (natural inclination towards good), it is innate and intuitive.
This is why before or while committing a sin one feels a sense of remorse, a sense of regret or a pin prick depending on our individual level of iman (faith). This results in an ongoing secret battle within one’s self, where one is convincing one’s own self to disobey Allah.
We choose to suppress the light of khair (goodness) while feeding the desires of our nafs (lowly self) in an attempt to keep it sated.

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In Love…

In my quest I realised that loving for the sake of Allah unburdens your soul. It untangles the chaos in your life created by your expectations of different relationships. It is a reliance that gives you a sense of being taken care of by the Sustainer Himself. He elevates you from being needy to being a caregiver. He pulls you up from the dungeons of self pity, as you realise the criteria of true significance.
You learn to rise above your ego and take control of the part of your nafs that previously wanted constant acknowledgement from people, because your focus is not to please them anymore. Your focus is to please only Allah and this love makes everything fall perfectly into place. You are able to detach yourself from the surrounding shadows only to zoom out and appreciate the khair bestowed upon you.
He helps you look at the bigger picture as you strive to achieve the higher goal of acquiring eternal bliss. The more I realized it the more I fell in love with Allah all over again.

It’s My Right

‘I don’t wear hijab because I fear that I might not be able to continue it’ is an excuse given by many sisters. Would it be acceptable if someone said, ‘I don’t eat at all because I fear that I might not be able to digest the food’? No, because one knows that food is something one can’t do without.

The commands mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah are obligatory upon a believer to follow. These are called faraid in shariah. Failure in adherence to faraid makes one eligible for punishment and following the faraid is a majorly rewardable act.

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Part-Time Hijabi

When we choose to be part time hijabis by observing hijab when we want and tossing it away when we please, or trendy hijabis by assuming that a piece of cloth replacing a hairstyle will fulfill the need for hijab regardless of how I dress, how I behave, what I do, or who I mingle with, we are saying that we’re not completely convinced with the idea of hijab, as we’re not sure whether to fully embrace it or not.
What we need to understand is that hijab is not a matter of choice; it is an integral part of submission and a very important aspect of worship. It is a declaration that there is none worthy of worship but Allah alone and I am His slave and a slave does what she is commanded to do not what she chooses to do.
We seriously need to ponder and reflect on the basics before moving on to the intricacies of deen.

Does it Move Us?

Whenever, I come across the inspirational quotes by our Muslim scholars, preachers, teachers and others, I think to myself…If these people who are taught by human beings just like themselves are so knowledgeable, eloquent and wise, then how knowledgeable, logical, rational, eloquent and full of wisdom must Rasool Allah (salalaho alaihi wasallam) be; a man of pure character and sound heart and mind. The best of the best (salalaho alaihi wasallam) who was taught by the Creator of knowledge and wisdom, Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa) via Jibril ameen (the trustworthy).

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