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If we see a photo of someone drinking alcohol will we “like” their photo and say something nice and encouraging to them? Certainly not! Why so? Because.. astaghfirullah it’s haram, people are openly disobeying Allah and we “like” it. No!

Then why is it that when we come across images/photos of a decked up (i.e adorned), whether a hijabi or non hijabi sister of ours (be it a relative or a friend etc) we “like” these images or leave a pleasant comment under them? Is this NOT haram for them to openly disobey Allah and for us to give our approval to this act by liking their actions.

Or is it that we consider a deed sinful based on our own definition of sin as per our moulded version of deen. We forget that the one inciting others to sin is equally responsible for the sin as the sinner himself.

My heart bleeds especially when I see the students of deen or other practicing muslimaat doing this.

Yaa ukhwaat wallahe what has happened to you, how can you, a momina (a believer) be pleased with that which your Rabb hates? Yaa ukhwaat why not pray for our sisters instead of encouraging them to do wrong?

Yaa Rabbi give us the rushd (wisdom) and baseerah (insight) to see the right as right and wrong as wrong and guide us towards that which pleases You and keep us steadfast on it until we meet you, ameen.

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Maria K. Siddiqui

Maria is an artist, counselor and art therapist in training.