A Different Ramadan

After breaking the fast, while still on my prayer mat I was secretly hoping and praying that it wouldn’t be the last fast of Ramadan. Somehow I wasn’t that thrilled about Eid, this time. I was rather withdrawn and passive. Obviously, Eid was not the reason for my distress; instead it was the coming of the end of Ramadan.

Having understood the virtues and experienced the numerous blessings of Ramadan. I was feeling anxious for not having availed enough from the blessed month. “But there is always next Ramadan.” I reassured myself. “What makes you so sure that you will live that long?” A part of me contradicted. The growing debate between my conscience and nafs (lowly base self prone to sin) made me more apprehensive and anxious. The ticking of the clock made me desperate and I felt like grabbing every second of the passing moment.

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Ramadan Resolution

My Ramadan last year was so well planned,
Bouncy was my start, downhearted was the end.

What did I do? Where did I go wrong?
I was sure that my iman was so strong.

Following the flow of the course of events,
Tailing my nafs, grabbing what it presents.

Little did I know, a rival lived within,
Preventing me from good, provoking me to sin.

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They Are a Test

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is cultivate grudges against your parents. They might have lacked in their behaviour towards you, they might have made mistakes, they might have been unfair to you but remember whatever they did, they did it according to what they thought was best for you.

Forgive them for what they couldn’t do and acknowledge them for what they did do and be the parent to your child that you wanted your parents to be when you were dependent on them. Reason with yourself in their favour so you can truly respect them and willingly serve them.

Allah chose them to be a way of testing you; they are the two sides of the door that has been created for you to enter Jannah. Whether you open it by pleasing your parents or let it remain shut, is ultimately your choice.

My Lowly Aspirations

While driving my littlest one to school,
Looking out the window, I often wonder

What would one give to own a mansion?
Living in this land without tension

My thought puts me to shame and I realised
Have I ever craved for Jannah, the greatest prize?

Dreaming about this dunia so fake
Yearning to acquire it for pleasure’s sake.

Have I ever yearned for that which is free?
So treasured and rare as nothing could be.

How Serious Are We?

How serious are we about our time? If someone wants to just chat and gossip does that bother us? If yes then it is time for change. If no, then it’s time for a major change.
Our life cannot become meaningful by chance; there has to be intelligence, hard work and perseverance accompanied by a sincere intention of pleasing and obeying our Rabb. People don’t just stumble upon a blessed life.
Undoubtedly, time is very important for our success in both this temporary world and the eternal world to come. If we waste time, we abuse it, which implies wasting and abusing our lives. Therefore, if we really give value to our lives then we must give due value to time.
The Prophet (salalahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Lose no time to do good deeds before you are caught up by one of seven calamities awaiting you: starvation which may impair your wisdom, prosperity which may mislead you, an ailment which may damage your health, old age which may harm your senses, sudden death, the Dajjal (Antichrist) or Doomsday, which is indeed the hardest and most bitter.” [Tirmidhi, Baihaqi]

Is This Your Love?

Hearts are veiled instead of our women,
Modern and liberated, fake titles given.
We hope to prosper while clinging to haram,
Letting it take over, like a mystical charm.
Oh Ummah is this your love for him?
Who guided you away from Hell’s fiery brim.

Music and dance are norms of the day,
Our Iman is frail and we let it sway.
Those who dare to think them wrong,
To this world they do not belong.
Oh Ummah is this your love for him?
Who guided you away from Hell’s fiery brim.

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