A Beautiful Exchange

Ramadan is a training period, the best time to get into shape and get one’s act together, the best time to shun the haunting bad and to embrace the desiring good, inshaAllah. It’s easier, mainly because in Ramadan the doors of mercy and forgiveness are wide open and the devils are chained which leaves us with only one rival to battle with; our own nafs (the lowly self prone to sin). It’s the time to reflect, ponder and connect with Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala). 

Does it sound like a lot of work? If I were to tell you that there was an amazing sale at a mall and all the precious items are being given out for free, wouldn’t you leap to grab this opportunity despite the struggle that it would require? Doesn’t Allah offer us better; in fact the best deal ever? If we reshape and redefine our intentions, deeds and goals, in short our life, as per the pleasure of Allah and Rasool Allah, then He promises the treasures and comforts of His Jannah, which is permanent bliss in return for temporary striving. What a beautiful exchange! Allah o Akbar.

A Clean Slate

Being raised in a society of ‘liberal’ and ‘moderate’ Muslims that believe in the freedom of expression, one is obliged to respect and tolerate matters that are against the teachings of Allah and His Messenger (salallahu alaihi wasallam). Those who dare to disagree are accused of being rigid, backward, fanatic, extremist, or narrow minded, depending on the category the individual best fits, according to their level of acceptance and their intensity of the reaction.

An average Muslim’s goal in life has become finding happiness by submitting to his own nafs (the base self) and keeping it satisfied at any cost. This contagious disease of wanting to acquire dunia, is what we strive to pass on to our children too.

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Is My Life Being Wasted?

When we are unable to do rewarding, tangible and meaningful acts as frequently as the heart desires (deeds that bring about a sense of achievement) as a result of being busy with the seemingly mundane stuff such as washing or cleaning etc. it leaves us with a sense of frustration or a feeling of precious time being wasted.

It is then when we need to remind ourselves that in reality a deed becomes rewarding when prioritised according to the way Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) requires us to priorities it.

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False Claim

How can I claim to love You
Without trying to seek Your Pleasure?
How can I hope to be blessed
When I waste my time in leisure?
How can I not be ashamed to err
When Your Love is beyond measure?