A Constant Quest

With the weakest Iman, unsure was I,
Plunged in my misery, was going to die.

Despair my clothing, depression my cloak.
Dark seemed the future, I was going to choke.

Refuge impossible and nowhere to be,
I wasn’t a slave, still craved to be free.

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A Grave Matter

What would happen if you came to know that you’ve been afflicted with a deadly disease? What would you do?

There can be three ways of dealing with the situation.

1) You would seek the best doctor available and get it treated as soon as possible.

2) You would simply go to a pharmacy without consulting any doctor and try to get a medicine on your own.

3) You would choose to be careless about it and allow the disease to get worse.

The answer is quite predictable. You would definitely choose the first option and so would anyone else in a similar situation. Why? Because, if you do not get your disease treated then it will worsen and eventually lead to a painful end.

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While Being Massacred

Surrounded by smoke our skies are grey,
Living our life in utter dismay,
Faith only helps us through the raging day,
Though we are being slain in every way,
Brutally butchered and left to decay

Where are you O Muslims?
While we are being massacred.

Pools of innocent blood around us,
A tragic depiction of gloom and distress,
Wailing mothers, unable to suppress,
Weeping and crying is how they express,
Emotions so grave, beyond distress

Where are you O Muslims?
While we are being massacred.

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Have You Had Enough?

During student life all of us had certain areas of study such as, maths, chemistry etc where we were weak. We may have failed a test or two.

What would happen every time we lost marks or failed a test? Did we lose hope and drop out of school or stop studying? No we didn’t. We worked harder, we sought help, we made arrangements so that we could work, we sought moral and emotional support and the list goes on. Why? Because we had aspirations and a promising tomorrow; because we knew that this was not a matter of choice.

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