Set Yourself Free

The sweetness of iman can also be tasted when you reconcile and mend the ties of kinship only for the sake of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).
It accompanies several rewards besides the greater rewards promised in the hereafter. Mending the ties of kinship for Allah lifts a massive slab of regret, guilt and hatred from your heart, replacing it with love and care. The cloud of mercy and compassion replenishes the smoke of negativity that prevents you from seeing the khair around and within you. It helps you rejuvenate your soul and remove the filth that was decaying within. In short, it truly liberates you and this is a hiba, a gift from your Rabb because you have been created to sore to great heights by freeing yourself of all the negativity within and around you, because forgiveness eventually sets you free.

Life’s Worth

Life is worth more than proving people with what you are capable of achieving. Rather, it is a battle between you, your nafs and Shaitan. It is proving to Allah that your love for Him is such that you will continue to strive to conquer your nafs and defeat Shaitan until your last breath.

Your True BFF

“I have been meaning to talk to you… I have a request,” she said suppressing her overwhelming emotions. “Can you talk to the girls about the importance of the ‘mother and daughter’ relationship?” Fighting back her tears, she struggled to speak. “You know…. we were very close…me and my daughter…. we were friends…best friends…. but now she has become indifferent towards me and doesn’t want to share anything…I don’t know why I’ve tried everything…. I can’t seem to reach her.” Saying this she burst into tears.

This was one of many heart-wrenching incidents that I have come across where parents feel a drastic tear between them and their children. The most evident, expressive and apparent relationship is between a mother and her daughter. This mostly starts off as a bond between the two but due to various reasons it weakens, breaks or in some cases is destroyed.

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