Message Extraordinaire

There was a magnificent art gallery, ornamented with extravagant marble flooring; beautiful paintings adorned the well-lit walls of the elaborate hall. However, the most outstanding feature of the galleria was an intricate marble sculpture, gracefully poised in the middle of the exhibit. Visitors from around the world admired this marvellous sculpture.

One night, the marble floor tile asked the sculpture, “Don’t you think it is unfair that everybody from all over the world come all the way here to admire you while ignoring and stepping on me? Both of us were born in the same cave and yet the world treats us so differently now.”

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Face Your Fears

“How do we get rid of the dark thoughts that are inside us, Mama?” “How do we remove them from our mind?” I was having a normal conversation with my daughter when she started this discussion. I was a bit surprised by her question. “I often think of frightening images and negative things and I feel so scared. I do my regular dua too but still it doesn’t go,” she said. I wondered what a child might be scared of. Could it be demon-like images that might creep up as nightmares or negative thoughts that might incite her to become a bad person? I wondered what the problem might be.

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The Emblem of Courage

…Ibrahim brought Hajar to a high hill called Al-Marwa, made her and her baby sit under a tree, placed a bag of dates and some water near her, and set out homeward. Hajar ran after him and said, “Are you going to leave us in this desert where there is no one to keep us company?” She repeated this many times but he would not look back at her. She asked, “Has Allah ordered you to do so?” He answered yes. “Then He will not neglect us,” she said.

Later…. some Arabs traveling through Makkah saw birds flying around Al Marwa. “They must be flying around water,” they said. When they arrived at the water, they found Hajar (alaihi salam) and asked her, “Would you allow us to stay with you, and use the water from your well?” She agreed and was pleased by their company.

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Bruised…. yet again she had been badly battered. The kind of bruises you couldn’t see, the ones that hurt more and leave deep slashes within, her soul had been bruised, and her heart had been shattered. This heart that once was full of life was now a void of nothingness… that was beating within a scarred soul, masked by skin and bones that she would shadow behind her charmingly endowed attire.

Over a period of time she had mastered the art of camouflaging her battered soul behind that lovely smile. She appeared alive until you spotted that glinting sorrow in her empty eyes.

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Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget! Easier said than done. It’s easier to forgive someone but difficult to forget the wrong they have done to us. But shouldn’t it be enough to just forgive someone? Why have we been encouraged to forget their ill-behavior towards us?

Because while forgiving benefits the person who has wronged us, consequently forgetting about it unburdens us from the negativity created in response to someone’s wronging. In order to acquire that inner peace and contentment, it’s important to let go off all that makes us negative and to move on.

Dream Big

Don’t be afraid of dreaming big. Know that the One who gives you these dreams also has the Power to make them come true. Work hard with patience and perseverance, stay humble, make dua and put your complete trust in Him (Exalted is He).

You do your part and trust Him with His.