Guiding Others

Judging someone’s intentions, being prejudiced, openly critical and singling them out to publicly admonish them does not reflect genuine concern for their guidance.
Our concern for them begins with a heartfelt du’a, followed by sincere naseeha (advice) and with hikmah (wisdom).

Love You, Love You Not, Love You

‘I love you for the sake of Allah,’ my classmate at the markaz said to me, smiling warmly. It was the first time I had heard this and having no knowledge of what the expression implied I gave her a meek smile, not knowing how to reply while feeling awkward about it. It sounded unrealistic because how can someone who hardly knows you, ‘love’ you?

As a person brought up in a society where religion occupies only a little niche in your life that is separated from your ‘actual’ life, I couldn’t understand this new concept of loving someone for the sake of Allah. Anyway, soon I adapted to the terminology but was still unable to relate to the feeling deep down in myself.

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People of ‘at least’

When I was a child, I remember adults often asking me “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The interrogator would then offer answers for me to choose from, such as doctor or engineer, as if it was inconceivable to have any other ambition.

Throughout our lives, we are made to believe that to be worthwhile we must have materialistic aspirations. I feel this constant conditioning transforms an intellectual into a programmed dummy, making a person a slave to stereotypical thinking, fed by the worthless and ignorant trendsetters of society.

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At the Right Time

A glimpse of Allah’s limitless mercy is that He sends the right people at the right time with the right words or gestures to remind you that you are not alone, to reinforce that you are not forsaken, to repair your weak faith so that you can resolve your life with hikmah (wisdom) and to restore your complete tawakkal (trust) in Him so that you rely on Him alone.

Blessed are those who are able to pull themselves out of self pity and depression because they eventually realise the intensity of being taken care of by Ar Rahman, Himself.


One of the most hurtful experiences in life is to watch a loved one go through a trial. When this happens what we fail to realise is that we have been distanced from them for a reason and the strength and relief that our sincere and truly heart felt dua can bring them.

We forget that we have been put in the situation of witnessing their pain to provide them with the emotional and moral care that will heal their wounds, the love that will mend their broken heart, the compassion that will hold them up and the reassurance that will help them believe that Allah will never forsake them and every thing will be alright eventually, in sha Allah.

Before The Final Awakening

Last night I came to know about the death of one of my classmates. He had a heart attack and died in his sleep. May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’alaa) bestow His Mercy upon him.
I was saddened by the news but worse was when I got to know that he had died while sleeping. SubhanAllah, once again I was slapped by this bitter reality of life.
We hear such news and somehow secretly assume that it’s not going to happen to me. Something deludes us in to believing that calamities, tests, diseases or death are for others. Why? Simply, because I like to think that since I’m blessed now, it will always remain the same? What deludes me? My own self and Shaitan. 

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Work For The Life, You’d Die For.

It gives me a sense of relief to realise that I am not the only one juggling various roles. From being a mummy to a wife to a nanny to a driver to a cook to a baby sitter to a tutor to a janitor to a nurse to a teacher to a student and what not…the list seems endless.Being a mother of three proactive children of different ages my hands (and er… feet) have always been full, Alhamdulillah but I’ve always felt the need to do something that would have a lasting impact on them and would leave them with something substantial even after I’m gone.  I realised that could only be the knowledge of deen and its practical application.However, as I was already on a roller coaster ride with the kind of eventful life I had, it seemed almost impossible for me to even think of finding time to pursue my ambitious plans. So despite still being naïve and ignorant about the importance of having a significant purpose in life and being clueless about how to fit it all in within my already crazy routine, I felt the urge to embark on a promising journey for my family and myself, so I did.

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Deadly Delusions

What comes to your mind when you read the title ‘Deadly Delusions’?

Deadly specifies something being fatal, lethal, or even poisonous. Delusion refers to an illusion, a mirage or a hallucination; something that doesn’t exist and is a deception. Together, deadly delusions imply fatal deceptions that are prone to destroy someone.

Let’s try to understand the strategies of the one causing these deadly delusions in our lives through the words of The Most Wise, the Creator. I am assuming, by now, you would’ve guessed who the source of this fatal deception is. Yes, it is our mutual enemy, Shaitan (Satan).

To warn us against him Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) explains the story of Adam in many places in the Quran.

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