Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget! Easier said than done. It’s easier to forgive someone but difficult to forget the wrong they have done to us. But shouldn’t it be enough to just forgive someone? Why have we been encouraged to forget their ill-behavior towards us?

Because while forgiving benefits the person who has wronged us, consequently forgetting about it unburdens us from the negativity created in response to someone’s wronging. In order to acquire that inner peace and contentment, it’s important to let go off all that makes us negative and to move on.

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Maria K. Siddiqui

Maria is an artist, counselor and art therapist in training.

3 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget”

    1. Thanks, alhamdulillah (all good is from Allah alone).
      Yes, I agree with your view point it does become burdensome and this is why we have been encouraged to reason with ourselves and try to move on. Because dwelling on anger can kill positivity and eventually productivity.

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