A Lesson Learned

The children wanted a ride on the horse carriage at the park. It was a pleasant evening and we were enjoying the ride when suddenly the horse stopped right in the middle of the park and refused to move.

We came to know that that had happened because we had started our ride while the horse was half way and it had now reached its destination. It was trained and was expected by its master to stop at this particular place and it obeyed regardless of its own will. Such was its loyalty towards its master.

This left me wondering about myself. What is my relationship with my master? Do I obey my master regardless of what I think? What is the status of my loyalty towards my Sustainer, my Nurturer?

He has elevated us humans above everything else in creation by giving us intellect so that we may recognise Him in the best way, to worship Him in the best way.

How ironic is it that we misuse this very intellect to question Him, to disobey Him, to be ungrateful to Him, to defy Him, to displease Him, to challenge Him (ma’az Allah)

Yet again I come to you my Rubb
With tears of remorse and regret
Protect and rescue my soul
From the enemy that lives within.

Published by

Maria K. Siddiqui

Maria is an artist, counselor and art therapist in training.