Why do we love this one person the most, be it our mother or spouse, more than everyone else? Mainly because we make the best assumption
(husn uzzan) about them and they become the centre of our life. Immersed in their love we forget that they, too, are humans, equally needy and dependent and their association with us is based on how much a relationship can offer. As a result a demanding relationship becomes consuming and burdensome, leaving the people in it drained and frustrated.

Instead a believer is expected to love Allah (izza wa jal) the most. Why?
Because Allah is Self Sufficient, the opposite of needy. This relationship where we strive to love Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) the most, neither consumes nor drains us in any way. Instead, it blooms and blossoms the khair in our hearts and nurtures the positivity within. And this inner positivity ignites wellbeing, a means of barakah which is an essential aspect of a believer’s life.

Now the question remains, how can we truly love Allah (izza wa jal) the most?
By striving to have the best assumption (husn uzzan) about Him. By knowing that there is wisdom behind every situation whether my feeble mind can comprehend it or not, by understanding that He never wrongs anyone in any way in any situation under any circumstances. By truly believing that His Love is the Purest, Unconditional and Lasting for those who sincerely seek Him. By acknowledging that all khair is from Him alone and He will never ever forsake me unless I choose to detach myself from Him. By realising that there is indeed ‘life’ in prioritising His love over the love of others.

Let’s liberate ourselves this Ramadan and move a step forward. Let’s reshape and refocus our priorities for the better. In sha Allah

Published by

Maria K. Siddiqui

Maria is an artist, counselor and art therapist in training.