He Loves Me

Surrounded by blinding brightness…all I could see was light everywhere…making me restless…soon it gradually began to fade…making everything around me visible.

Ah!…being surrounded by the shimmer and glitter of preciousness left me speechless and I thought, ‘I can live here happily ever after’.
A moment of joy and the brightness started to fade some more. Darkness was taking over rapidly…I could do nothing…’but the riches were still with me…I will always have them…they are mine to keep’, I tried comforting myself.
By now it was utterly dark…I frantically started running within the space that had earlier appeared to be so vast…it felt like the walls were closing in on me.

I panted and ran for what seemed like eternity… from corner to corner feeling for an outlet, a door or even a slit but nothing…I thought I would choke if I couldn’t escape. By now I was in utter despair and collapsed on the floor…because of exhaustion but more so because I had lost…lost myself in the darkness…and just when I was about to give up….a sense of extreme hope rushed within me. I saw a slit allowing a stream of light to enter the room and freedom at last….He lifted me up and pulled me out of the darkness and from the prison that I had mistakenly cherished.

He pulled me out of that dungeon to appreciate the vastness of the horizon. He pulled me out of that blinding brightness to appreciate the warm sunshine. He pulled me out of the fake shimmer to recognise the real hues of nature.

He lifted me up from the closed room to feel the power of being liberated.

I realised He had allowed me to chose darkness so that I could recognise His love and compassion when He would rescue me from myself.

My Rabb did all that and more because He loves me like no one ever does….

Published by

Maria K. Siddiqui

Maria is an artist, counselor and art therapist in training.