A Constant Quest

With the weakest Iman, unsure was I,
Plunged in my misery, was going to die.

Despair my clothing, depression my cloak.
Dark seemed the future, I was going to choke.

Refuge impossible and nowhere to be,
I wasn’t a slave, still craved to be free.

Something inside me, burnt like fire,
Though I had all that a heart could desire.

A constant quest of self-discovery,
Showed me what I not wished to see.

Lost in shadows of the world so fake,
I felt my heart would surely break.

I looked for answers all around,
In places they were never to be found.

In the midst of the fear and anticipation,
He was there all along, without any mention.

I still didn’t recognize His Power and Might,
I still hesitated to give Him, His Right.

While stumbling in darkness, when I would fall,
He would help me up, wouldn’t let me crawl

He helped me rise under His Watchful Eye,
His Favors are such that I can never deny.

How ignorant and naïve was this clueless soul,
Didn’t know that only Allah could fill this hole.

He taught me to live, love and care,
And gave me such hope, I would never despair.

So remove your cloak of gloom and depression,
Recognize His Guidance, Care and Compassion.

Believe in His Mercy, Love and Care,
For those who worship Him, will have their share.
(Allahumma Ja’alna Minhum, Ameen)
O’ Allah make us from them.

Published by

Maria K. Siddiqui

Maria is an artist, counselor and art therapist in training.