You’re Not a Barbie

You’re trapped within yourself you know,
It’s this world you fear, don’t let it grow.

What they think or say, does it matter?
Is it important when there are issues much greater?

Free yourself from the shackles of trend,
They’ve enslaved you, won’t leave you till the end.

Can’t you see through the camouflaged scheme?
A well devised plan of the devil’s team.

They distorted you into a commodity,
You’re a person, a soul, not a Barbie.

Who allowed them to decide, about you?
You became what they wanted, isn’t that true?

Calling you a fanatic, they made you bare,
Your closeness to Allah, they could not bear.

They removed your hijab and called you smart,
Darkness encircled you and it hardened your heart.

No regrets, no remorse and hardly any pain,
At the end of it all, there was nothing you gain.

Were you created as a feast, for every wayward eye?
You are a Muslimah, so rise and cover, be modest and shy.

Tear down the walls of doubt, with your conviction,
There’s no moment to reflect, it’s time for firm action.

Published by

Maria K. Siddiqui

Maria is an artist, counselor and art therapist in training.